Glückwunsch, Sie haben den radelnden Hausherrn gefunden!

Gewinnen Sie mit etwas Glück eines der drei brandneuen Wild-Kochbücher von Karl-Josef und Viktoria Fuchs!

Letzter Einsendeschluss: 31. Januar 2014

* Pflichtfelder


Slow Food

Romantikhotels & Restaurants

29 years ago, the cornerstone of one of the most unique hotel businesses up to today was laid: Romantik Hotels & Restaurants International. Over the years, the “romantic idea” continued to spread within the international private hotel industry. 


Jeunes Restaurateurs d´europe

A perfect liaison of talent and passion
“As far as the art of cooking is concerned, God could just as well live in Germany today” – a beautiful and adept quote from the French champagne ambassador Henri François-Poncet, which could not be better suited to a group of committed chefs than those of the Jeunes Restaurateurs Deutschland, founded in 1991.



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