As early as 1995 we established our very own cheese factory. Since then we produce aromatically spicy alpine cheese and softly melting Obermünstertal cheese with traditional methods. From the resulting whey we produce Molkenzieger cream cheese. The cheese is matured in a natural cellar directly behind the factory.

Cheese making is gem among the traditional crafts and can be most excellently combined with milk from the Black Forest. This milk comes from Hinterwälder cows (a special breed from the Black Forest) that live paradisiacal lives on a farm situated 1000 metres above sea level on the Schauinsland.

To produce our cheese, the evening milk which is cooled overnight, is combined in equal parts with the fresh morning milk. The manufacturing process is hundreds of years old with few current-day aspects: milk is heated by a copper kettle on a gas burner instead of a wood fire.

The Obermünstertäler matures for four weeks, the “Spielweger” for six months in the natural cellar with a high humidity and consistent temperatures, without devices to regulate the climate. This is how we guarantee that the flavour is able unfold to its full extent.