In 1705, our guesthouse was mentioned for the first time in a document of the St. Trudpert monastry. This states that: “The house is to be the parish inn and location in upper Münstertal, in which weddings, church inaugurations, carnival and new years’ celebrations are to be held.” The abbot at the time could hardly begin to imagine what the consequences of this would be.

For more than 156 years, we have been very joyfully following in the footsteps of this tradition – over the centuries, a previously inconspicuous guesthouse has turned into a cozy, sophisticated country and holiday hotel in an exquisite setting, and is now run by the sixth generation of owners.

“The Fuchs family from the Romantic Hotel Spielweg in the Black Forest has been managing change successfully for an impressive 156 years.”

Stevan Paul |


Head chef and daughter, she returned to Spielweg once again after several years of travelling. Inquisitive and extremely talented, she combines ingredients, fragrances and techniques … She enjoys combining regional specialities with Asian aromas and surprising fragrances to form an unmistakeable symphony of flavours.


is always around when the well-being of our guests is involved. She has both her hands full on a daily basis and at the same time. She takes care of the service, the reception area, the cleaning of the rooms as well as the organization and delegation of duties within the team.


Our senior boss, Josefine Fuchs, is still unremittingly committed to the well-being of her guests and can tell uncountable stories and anecdotes about everything related to Spielweg.


A chef and a hunter, he has been setting the tone for the Spielweg cuisine with his unique hallmark since 1986: Today he is responsible for the dairy, sausage production, the cooking courses and our delicious home-made sour dough bread.


has a finger in every pie – but what she is passionate about and loves best of all is looking after the herbs and fragrant flowers in her garden. Her herbs provide a significant enhancement to the Spielweg cuisine and all the flower arrangements in our establishment are created by her.


Actively and with a balanced Franconian temper, he supports Viki with managing the kitchen. As a chef and a confectioner, he not only provides the sweetest of dreams but is also responsible for the fantastic Spielweg cheese.


is our 9-year old fox terrier and the clandestine big boss at Spielweg. There are two things that he likes most of all – hunting wild boar and patting. What’s more, he provides a special service called “Rent a Zorro”: During your next stay you can simply take Zorro along on your next hike. He loves really long walks and looks forward to receiving an affectionate cuddle from time to time!


is our young Australian shepherd and belongs to Viki & Johannes. He can do loads of tricks and loves going for walks with plenty of stick-throwing. He jumps straight into every stream or puddle he comes across because water is his favourite place to be besides his basket.