We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Especially in the hotel and hospitality sector, there are a lot of opportunities to go about dealing carefully with resources and the procurement of materials, as well as people, on a daily basis. And each year we become slightly better at it.

This is why, for instance, heat and energy for our hotel is provided by means of turbines and through a cogeneration power plant. This even suffices for heating the pool in winter and freeing us of a guilty conscience.

Our bedding is washed and ironed in our very own laundry facilities. We owe the outstanding quality of our table linen to the Seeger weaving mill, whose Steinhuder linen is extremely long-lasting and of a high quality. We use Frosch detergents for cleaning the rooms and we look forward to all guests who don’t want their towels changed on a daily basis. The products in our kitchen are preferably always local and seasonal and do not have to cover long distances. We prefer using rain water to water our garden, our waste is carefully separated and we provide bicycles for our guests.

Last but not least, our family-friendly work atmosphere provides us with contented staff who enjoy learning and working at Spielweg.

Everything that works against nature, will not endure the times.

Charles Darwin